Hostens 封了我的帐号


Account Verification Required

We’ve been hit with lot of fraudulent orders recently and to limit this fact we’re forced to introduce fraud prevention checks for new custom’s orders. Please review your mailbox an reply to our email regarding account verification. Thank you.

我这个帐号一年前就开始使用了,而且开始有订单了,最近一次订单也有半个月了,付款也是很正常的渠道,不太明白这个欺诈怎么判断到我的头上的,而且我也没收到任何邮件处理我的帐号。最后 Live Chat 找人给解封了帐号,居然还要提供身份证照片,这一点比较坑,我觉得到期后可以考虑换换了。

下面是 Google 翻译一段:

My account started to use a year ago, and there are orders, and the last order has been half a month. Payment is also a normal channel. I don’t quite understand how this fraud is judged on my head, and I also Did not receive any mail to process my account. Finally, Live Chat found someone to unblock the account, and actually provided a photo of the ID card. This is a bit more pitted. I think it can be considered after the expiration.

hostens block account

hostens block account